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Hello. Do you deliver to UK?

Short answer: No.
Long answer: maybe. We could deliver to any country in the European Union provided that:

1. the clients pays in advance the transportation costs and the cost of the selected package; the transportation costs is prohibitive, about 90 USD.

2. the client understands that if something is happening with the package while in transit (ex: it is damaged), we will not send another package; the risks are entirely supported by the client. This policy does not apply to customers located in Romania.

Overall, it's not a good solution for the client because the transportations costs are so high and the risk of damage is entirely supported by the client.

What we recommend in this situation is to ask a friend/colleague/relative from Romania to purchase the desired package from Romania then to sent it by other means to UK. In this case the advantages are the following:

1. transportation is FREE for any order above 100 lei
2. if the transport is damaged, we replace the defective goods FREE of charge

We wish you a great day!

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